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Date Speaker Sermon Title Download MP3
12.27.15 Pastor John Kilde "Toward a More Joyful 2016"
12.20.15 Pastor Kevin Patch "The Birth That Blesses"
12.13.15 Pastor John Kilde "Lost and Found: One Sheep"
12.06.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "The Devil is Raising Cain, But God is Able"
11.29.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "God Has Poured Out His Spirit"
11.22.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "The Suffering Servant Suffers For You"
11.15.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Zacchaeus Radical Transformation"
11.08.15 Pastor John Kilde "Who Am I? The Issue of Identity"
11.01.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Jesus Defeated the Devil in the Wilderness"
10.25.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "A Love Letter"
10.18.15 Pastor Kevin Patch "The Resurrection Is a Reality; Remember!"
10.11.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman
"The Fruit of the Tree of Life"
10.04.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Why Worry?"
09.27.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "The Lord is Your Shepherd"
09.20.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "The Heaven's Opened at Jesus Baptism"
09.13.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "God's Wonderful Creation"
09.06.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Who You Are in Christ"
08.30.15 Pastor Kevin Patch "Heart Matters"
08.23.15 Pastor Kevin Patch "Once For All"
08.16.15 Pastor Kevin Patch "What Conflict! What Conflict?"
08.02.15 Pastor John Kilde "Faithful Friends"
07.26.15 Pastor John Kilde "Prodigal Son: Joel's Story"
07.19.15 Pastor John Kilde "On Finding Mercy"
07.12.15 Pastor John Kilde "The Pleasure of God"
07.05.15 Pastor Kevin Patch "And It's All Because of Jesus"
06.28.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Stand For Marriage"
06.22.15   Funeral Service of Arnold Wahl
06.21.15   Family Prayer Service of Arnold Wahl ~ Part 2
06.21.15   Family Prayer Service of Arnold Wahl ~ Part 1
06.21.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "We Wait Upon the Lord"
06.14.15 Missionary Danny Bronson "All Mixed Up"
06.07.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Moving On"
05.31.15 Pastor John Kilde "What Next, Susan?"
05.24.15 Dr. Kenyn Cureton "Stand Up For America"
05.17.15 Dr. Jonathan Sarfati "Design, Deluge, and Dilemma"
05.17.15 Dr. Jonathan Sarfati SS Hour - "Dinosaurs & the Most Asked Questions - Answered"
05.10.15 Pastor Kevin Patch "The Gospel That Reaches"
05.03.15   Confirmation Exam 2015
05.03.15 Rev. Timothy Mundiah "Building on the Rock" (Guest Speaker)
04.26.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "A Church that Rocks the World"
04.19.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "His Way"
04.12.15 Pastor Kevin Patch "Restored by the Risen One"
04.05.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "He Has Risen"
04.03.15 Pastor Kevin Patch Good Friday - "Deliver Us From Evil"
04.02.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman Maundy Thursday - "Lead Us Not Into Temptation"
03.29.15 Pastor John Kilde "The Week that Changed the World = Day One"
03.25.15 Pastor John Kilde Lent - "Forgive Us Our Trespasses"
03.22.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Offeringstyles of the Poor and Lowly"
03.18.15 Patrick Erickson Lent - "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"
03.15.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Jesus the Storm Savior II"
03.11.15 Pastor Kevin Patch Lent - "Thy Will Be Done"
03.08.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "The Lord Reveals His Mission"
03.01.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Jesus is the Storm Savior"
02.25.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman Lent - "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
02.22.15 Than Baardson Unseen Ministries Presentation
02.18.15 Pastor John Kilde Ash Wednesday - "Our Father Who Art in Heaven"
02.15.15 Pastor Kevin Patch "The Need for the Mountain"
02.08.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Keep Digging Your Hole"
02.01.15 Pastor Paul Larson "Maximum Restriction"
01.25.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "The Heavenly Doctor Makes All Things New"
01.18.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Come and See the Son of God"
01.11.15 Pastor Shawn Bowman "Christ Prepared the Way for You!!!!"
01.04.15 Pastor Kevin Patch "It is Good To Be in the Father's House"