Bowman Family

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About Pastor Shawn:

Shawn Bowman was born and raised in North Dakota on a small farm near Maddock.  He graduated from Maddock High School in 1987 and received a Bachelor in Science specializing in Agricultural Education from North Dakota State University in 1993.  Much personal distress, including the loss of both of his grandparents, who had raised him, prompted deep spiritual yearning late in his college years. 

By 1995, Shawn came to understand his lost condition and surrendered to the Lord's calling for discipleship.  He attended the Lutheran Brethren Seminary during the 1996-1997 school year and then over the next four years worked as an agricultural consultant in Devils Lake, North Dakota.  He used his seminary training almost daily as he witnessed to hundreds of clients and people of the community.

Pastor Shawn's Calling:

The whole region surrounding Devils Lake came to know Shawn as "The Evangelist."  The people of that area witnessed the true zeal of the Lord that continually burns within him to this day.  Therefore, it was not surprising when the Lord directed Shawn and his family back to seminary in 2001 for continued training and discipline in the Word of God.  Shawn graduated with a Master's of Divinity in the spring of 2004. Shawn was then called to Jamestown, ND to become the Senior Pastor of Victory Lutheran Brethren Church.

Meet Pastor Shawn's Family:

Suzanne, his wife of fifteen years, views herself as a fully supporting partner of Shawn's ministry. Luke Bowman is pictured behind his father.  He is 13 years old and definitely inherited his parents' gift of self-expression! Joel Bowman is seated in front of his father. Joel is 8 years old. Ethan Bowman is pictured to the right of his father. He is 11 years old. He has a tender and affectionate personality but he could fool you with his "tough as nails" exterior. Levi is sitting on daddy’s lap and knows who really runs the show around the Bowman’s.